Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world

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Comment by Robert Pye on October 18, 2012 at 9:51

This is a very good video to understand what Ethos is about.  Collaboration ,Trust and Moderation are profoundly important values to embed into our code, processes and governance.  By the end of 2012 we hope to have 5 logical equivalents to businesses (including charities) that have successfully embedded these values.

Love the starling metaphor at the end of the video which illustrate collective (and emergent) intelligence beyond and single actor.



Blog Posts

small things

Posted by Annabelle Lambert on August 27, 2014 at 10:50 4 Comments

I’ve decided to start a blog here about life, thoughts and my journey, past, present and future with Ethos. I wish I’d started this 15 years ago! I’m sure I could have convinced Peter Feltham to lend me a space on a ‘wonderful’ O’Reilly Webboard (do they still exist Peter?), or if I’d been really lucky a space on Caucus, but I didn’t, so I need to catch up, hopefully without droning on;)

I’ve been inspired to do this because:


1. I find individuals stories compelling and strongly believe that we should all be sharing our story as the mistakes, successes, thoughts, jokes, learning whatever etc etc can often be things I relate to and help me understand my journey/choices better.


2. (apologies, this is the self indulgent bit) Everytime I share a bit of my story and it helps someone understand Ethos and their journey better I feel happy.


And finally...


3. Euan Semple said ( I think his words were) - “Just put it out there and see what happens”, so I am.


I think it’s probably useful to share a bit of background about myself, I’ve tried to make it as concise as I can but please bear with me…


I always start my Ethos story by saying that Rob Pye ruined my life. A fact! He recruited me into EY Sales in 1998 and even then he treated people with common decency, pushed back against the corporate powers that be, pushed for innovative technology enabled tools to create a change in mindset and approach, it was all quite empowering. So…


Ethos and Sponds - A Personal View

Posted by Hugh Glaser on August 21, 2014 at 11:21 1 Comment

So how does benefit trickle around in Ethos, and what does it mean for my wife and I?


Well, firstly I need to define a term - I’m going to call it Sponds. I might have used the term value, but Sponds is a bit more specific - it is something that I can actually use to trade, and might be convertible into money now or in the future. So Sponds might be money as salary/PAYE, dividends, shares, or money in a Partner Account held by Ethos with my name on it (a sort of personal pot of money Ethos keeps for me - see later). Clearly there is likely to be a lot more value I want and get out of Ethos than just Sponds, so I needed a new collective term.


Let’s say that Ethos gets a contract from the TSB (Technology Strategy Board - a government funding agency) for £10M for Project Pangloss.

Why is that so great?

Clearly one answer is a "happy little Hugh", because he will be doing fun things, which is important to all!

But my wife tends to worry about the family Sponds more than the wider benefits to society.


Well, starting at the beginning, was I involved in the bid?

And did I get any Sponds for my involvement at the time?

If not, Ethos has some way of working out what that might mean in terms of Sponds (or soon will have!).


Am I going to contribute directly to Project Pangloss?

If so, I will get Sponds for my involvement, and the Sponds I get will be directly related to the time and effort I put into Pangloss.



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